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A Typical Irish Christmas

  • 2 min read

Whether you’re an ex-pat down under celebrating in the sun or across the Atlantic, nothing beats an Irish Christmas. Sometimes it seems as if we all grew up the same. Every year came the trip to Smyth’s to pick-up a Christmas catalogue. What felt like hours would be spent flicking through the pages and jotting them down on the Santy letter. Always being reminded “only two things and a surprise. And only one of them things can be a big thing!”. Ah the memories.

Grafton Street, Dublin at Christmas Time

Even now, all grown up, there are still some things that stay tradition no matter how old you get. These days, it’s a little less about the presents and more about the people around the tree.

An Irish Christmas Morning

It's Christmas morning, you wake up and the Buck's fizz is poured. A toast to another year and feeling grateful for spending the day with your family. It's never too early for chocolate on Christmas, so you crack open the box of Celebrations before all the good ones are gone. The morning continues with another Buck's Fizz or a cuppa tea to balance you out. If you're lucky enough to have kids around at Christmas, you're probably scrambling around looking for batteries at this stage.

The mayhem of getting the Christmas dinner ready starts. The nicest meal of the year by a longshot. By the time the afternoon rolls around, belly's are full and your Da has fallen asleep on the couch while the Father Ted special plays.

Nothing beats Father Ted at Christmas time!

Leftover sandwiches are made with some quality slice pan and a bag of Tayto on the side for good measure, sure it’s Christmas. Some Cadbury's hot chocolate is given to the little ones while the big ones enjoy an Irish coffee or two. It’s getting late and only the Bounty sweets are left in the box. Time to get some rest in before the big session on St. Stephens’ Day (home for bed by 8pm this year, cheers Nphet)

An Irish Christmas Abroad

The memories of an Irish Christmas are ones to be cherished, and even if you're not in the homeland, irishify can help you still enjoy an Irish Christmas.  Whether it’s the big thing on your list, or maybe just the surprise, irishify Christmas hampers come in a range of sizes from our Deluxe, Classic or Little Christmas Hamper, to suit anyone this festive season. With worldwide tracked shipping you can be sure there will be something very special under the tree of your loved ones away from home this Christmas.