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Amazing Father Ted Star Cameos You Never Knew About!

  • 2 min read

We all remember Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal Maguire, Father Jack Hackett and Mrs Doyle. However, Father Ted featured dozens of comedians and actors across its glorious 25 episodes. Some cameos, like Graham Norton and Tommy Tiernan, went onto become household names. 

There were a few actors, though, that appeared on Craggy Island that you may not have realised starred in other stuff you've watched or seen.

Here's a quick rundown. Any more to add?

Father Liam Deliverance 
Father Liam Deliverance, played by Dermot Crowley, assisted Father Ted at the infamous Lovely Girls competition. Years before, Crowley starred in Return of the Jedi, playing General Crix Madine!
Father Jack Hackett

The foul-mouthed Father Jack was famously played by Frank Kelly, a regular on Irish TV screens and in theatres. Kelly's first film role, however, was in The Italian Job where he played a prison officer!

Father Fitzgerald

Father Ted was no stranger to boring or monotone priests. We're looking at you Father Stone and Father Austin Purcell. Fans of the show will also recall Father Fitzgerald, who appears in the lingerie section in A Christmassy Ted with a microphone. The character was played by Sean Barrett, an English actor who starred in the 1958 movie Dunkirk. A still from the film, featuring Barrett, was used as the cover art for The Smiths' single How Soon is Now?

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Father Jose Hernandez
Father Jose Hernandez was a Cuban priest who visited Craggy Island, before leaving in his Porsche. Hernandez was played by Derrick Blanche, a Bombay-born actor who was classmates with Freddie Mercury. Indeed, he was a co-founder of Mercury's first band - The Heretics.
Father Deegan
Father Deegan was a Scottish priest, also spotted lurking around Dunnes Stores' lingerie section in a Christmas special. The part was played by Kevin McKidd, who played the unfortunate Tommy in Trainspotting the same year. McKidd is best know these days for his long-standing role as Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey's Anatomy.