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"But now on irishify..." Julian Simmons joins irishify shoutouts!

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Julian Simmons is quite simply a legend of Northern Irish television. The continuity announcer and presenter began working with UTV in the 70s where he began reading the news. His charismatic and flamboyant style won him legions of fans across Ireland and the UK. He is best known for his hilarious intros to his favourite TV show, Coronation Street.

Between the years 2006 and 2009, Simmons appeared on UTV Live to talk about Coronation Street and Emmerdale storylines. As well as this, he also presented a light hearted series called UTV Rewind. Between 2003 and 2015, Simmons also presented a show called ‘Santa Flash’ where he gave updates on Santa’s whereabouts. He traditionally stated that he would be landing in Ireland first.

When talking about his Coronation Street introductions, he comments that he is “imitating what I heard people say on their commutes.. People talk about soaps as if it’s happening to real people.”

His famous catchphrase “But now on the UTV” would be heard when announcing episodes of Coronation Street.

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