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Favourite Father Ted Character, Best Moments, and 'The New Normal' with Michael Redmond

  • 3 min read

This is news that all Father Ted fans in 2020 will be delighted to hear. This week, we sat down and caught up with the legend himself, Michael Redmond better known for his role in Father Ted as Father Stone. We ask him the questions we are all dying to know, including who his favourite Father Ted character is, and what his favourite part of playing the role of Father Stone was. As well as asking all the old school questions, we also catch up with what he is currently up to, and his take on the 'new normal' in 2020.

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Q: So Michael, tell us how lockdown has been for you? How are you finding the ‘new normal’?

The lockdown felt strange at first, but I suppose I'm getting used to it now. The worst part is the lack of income because I am a stand-up comedian most of the time. Unfortunately there are no signs of comedy clubs opening up again soon.

Q. Apart from irishify shoutouts, what have you been up to?

I have done a few online gigs for The Stand Comedy Club where I hosted a regular Sunday night gig called "Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service". I really miss doing live gigs so hopefully comedy clubs will be able to open up again soon.


Q. Have you been working on anything else?

I have also been writing a joke book entitled "MY SUPERMARKET DIARIES". It is based (loosely) on my experiences in supermarkets. I posted a few of the jokes on social media and they got a great response.


Q. Do you still get fans coming up to you quoting Father Stone?

Yes, it still happens quite regularly. People have asked me do I get fed up with it and the truth is I really don't. It's fantastic that the show still has a huge fan base and has not lost any of it's appeal. I feel quite honoured to be have been involved. I'm often asked just to say..." No, I'm fine. " into a phone so they can pass it on to someone else. Long may it last!

Q. What’s your favourite Father Ted quote of all time?

I think it would have to be..."I hear you're a racist now, father”

Q. Who would be your all-time favourite character from the show, Father Ted?

They are all great characters, but Mrs Doyle just edges it for me. I think she was originally written as a relatively minor character, but she just grew and grew in stature and became funnier and funnier. I still laugh when I think back of the scene in which she mortifies Ted with some sexual references.

Father Ted was aired over 22 years ago and is still extremely popular and relevant to this day. What was your favourite part about playing the iconic Father Stone?

It was a real joy doing it. I already knew Dermot very well from my days in Dublin and I also knew Ardal from the comedy circuit. It was like working with a couple of mates. I previously worked with the producer of the show Geoffrey Perkins on a stand-up show for Channel 4 ‘Friday Night Live’, which was hosted by Ben Elton. My favourite part has to be entering the bathroom while Ted was in the bath and then sitting down on the toilet. I think that was the only scene we had to film twice as we both couldn't stop laughing the first time.


 Q. What is your favourite episode of Father Ted, and why?

I think would go for ‘A Christmassy Ted’. It was just so bizarre, manic and surreal and we had laughed all the way through. Wonderful stuff.


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