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Irish Chocolate - How to Get it Worldwide

  • 4 min read

Irish chocolate is something almost everybody misses when they move abroad. Irish ex-pats worldwide would give their left arm for a Cadbury's Dairymilk bar.

Irish Chocolate
Ireland is known for it's delectable chocolate treats!

Hershey's and Reeses just don't cut it when you're over in the States. If you have been abroad and tasted what the rest of the world calls 'Chocolate' you will soon realize It just doesn't taste the same. A decent chocolate bar or chocolate sweets just cannot be found outside of Ireland and the UK, in our opinion. Luckily for you, Irishify ships Irish chocolates online to every country in the world. Keep reading to find out why Irish chocolate is the best of it's kind in the world.

Chocolates from America, Australia, Germany and other countries are quite simply not the same. Even the 'so called' Irish Chocolate brands produced around the world aren't the same as the Irish Chocolate made right here on Irish soil. But what is the difference? Surely if the brand name is the same, then the taste is the same? Right? Wrong!

What is Irish Chocolate?

We can put it into two main categories.

  1. Chocolate made in Ireland - for example butlers.
  2. Chocolate available in Ireland - for example Cadburys.

Ironically, what most people miss from Ireland is actually English chocolate. Cadbury tops the list. However, for a hundred years this brand has been a staple. As well as this, Cadbury makes some of its chocolate in Ireland. There are two locations Coolock in County Dublin and Rathmore in county Kerry.

Differences Between Irish, UK and US Manufactured Cadbury Chocolate

So, here is where the true Cadbury Connoisseurs come into play.

We're going to let you in on a little Irish secret that not many people know. Are you ready? The real reason why Irish Chocolate is better than any other chocolate is because of the exceptionally high-quality Irish dairy that goes into each and every Irish Chocolate bar. Hershey's is responsible for producing Dairymilk Chocolate in the states, and it's essentially Hershey's chocolate in a Dairymilk package. Nothing Irish about that.

Think about it, Ireland is known for being the biggest exporters of dairy products worldwide. We have the highest and freshest quality of milk on the face of the earth. It is no wonder Irish Chocolate is the best seller worldwide. But how can you get your hands on the 'real stuff' if you live abroad? We are so glad you asked…

Irishify specializes in Irish treat gift boxes, and we ship them worldwide. When you order from Irishify you can expect your parcel to be with you in a matter of days. Yes, that's right, No more 'imposter' chocolates. Check out our range of gift hampers at

If you want to know more about what we do, head over to our 'About Us' page to find out more

Cadburys Chocolate - The Irish Made Bars are actually Irish

Irish Chocolate Bars made in Dublin and Kerry are the true crème de la crème. Here's something we bet you didn't know - the brand is not owned by an Irish company. We know, we were shocked too! This is the chocolate of the Irish people and one of the most missed aspects of Irish life by those living abroad. We reckon it comes down to the Irish Milk that goes into each Irish Chocolate bar.

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Luxury brands

Butlers Chocolate

Globally Butlers chocolate has made a massive name for itself. As a premium Irish Brand it has many devout fans. Especially around Easter time. Butler’s has made such a popular name for themselves, that they have established their own ‘Butler’s Chocolatier experience’ in Dublin, Ireland. Visitors get to design and test a variety of Chocolate’s for a whole day. That’s an experience for the bucket-list!

Bewleys Chocolate

Another popular brand of chocolate in Ireland is Bewleys. Known for its coffees and teas Bewleys is also famous for chocolate. 2020 came with bad news for everyone, but especially Bewleys Café in Dublin, where it was forced to close it's doors earlier in the year. The renowned Café first opened in 1927, and served on average 600,000 customers per annum. That's a lot of chocolate in one year!

Lir Chocolates

Boutique chocolate brand Lir has emerged as a favourite over the last number of years. Made and packaged in Navan, Lir has established itself as one of the best in the business. Not your everyday chocolate, but certainly one for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, or even Halloween if you're fancy enough.

Lily O'Brien's

From Newbridge in County Kildare, Lily O'Brien's is firmly established as one of Ireland's very best premium chocolate makers. The go to brand for birthdays and special occasions. Lily O'Brien's chocolates has an inspiring story about how they first came about. Having started in the early 90's as a brainwave from Mary O'Brien after a life threatening illness, she quickly realised her love for all things chocolate. She started creating delicious chocolate from her home in Co. Kildare with the help of her young daughter, Lily. Years later she has successfully grown her business and is now one of the leading competitors in the chocolate market in Ireland.