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Irish Tea - The True Beverage of Ireland

  • 4 min read

We all know that a good cup of tea is what Ireland is all about. Wherever you are in the world a cuppa Irish tea teleports you straight back home. 

Forget Guinness. That’s over-rated. The true Irish beverage is tea 

So what is Irish tea?

From lunch breaks to chats with friends. Visits to granny, to all of life’s important events. Cups of tea are the glue that ties it all together. 

It is your reward coming home after getting bruised and battered in a club match and helps you get over the horrors from the session the night before. 

It puts an arm around you and tells you everything is going to be alright. In dark times it comforts you. In good times it brings friends together. 

Wherever you are in the world, a cup of cha will make you feel like you are back home. 

Buy Irish Teabags

Look, we know its a pain to get teabags abroad. So, we have put together the ultimate tea bag pack. It’s called the Teabagged Hamper (we couldn’t resist). So, you get the big four tea brands in Ireland. Enough tea to do you a lock of months. 

You will be the envy of all your Irish mates. In fact, be warned you might attract a few hangers-on. Your gaff with the gossip pad. 

If you are in Brooklyn, Brisbane, Toronto or Berlin we got you. 

How to Drink Irish Tea

Builders Cup

This is our favourite. Just leave the bag in. This is what it is all about. Refined tea drinking is too pretentious so don’t take the bag out. If you are making your tea in a cup then this is the way to go. 

You get the strong hit if you let it brew. Fantastic. 

You don’t need to be on the job to enjoy it. This is perfect for those wintery Duvet Days. 

Great for:

Hangovers and eating with sandwiches. 

One Cup One Bag

The OCOB method is probably the most popular way for people to drink tea. But there is an important quirk to it. You gotta drain the bag with your spoon against the side of the cup. Don’t just dip and whip. And make sure the bag is in the cup before you put the water in. 

You want to make the cup as strong as possible. 

Great for:

First thing in the morning, Chats with friends, unexpected visitors

In the Tea Pot

This is the way it is supposed to be brewed. In the teapot. It is important to let it stew for at least three minutes. Make sure you put more than one bag in. This is a rookie mistake. We recommend one bag per person. 

Great for:

Afternoon tea, A chat with friends, After lunch. 

Make Stew - Kettle on the Hob (also known as Old School)

Now, this is hardcore. Professional tea drinkers do it this way. The objective is to turn the tea into a tar-like substance. We call whiskey the water of life, but this tea from a kettle on the hob for half an hour is the water (or tar) of eternal life. 

Great for:

Visits with Gran, Extremely bad hangovers, When you need a pick me up. 

Lyons Tea

Favourite tea in the pale. The west brits love this. Although blended in England, Lyons is the standard-bearer on the Emerald Isle. Favourite among generations of Irish. Lyons “The Quality Tea” is sure to bring back those memories of your hometown. 

There are two popular blends of Lyons Tea and both are included in the Teabagged Paddy Pack.

Barry’s Tea

The rebel county's finest. Forget Middleton whiskey, this is the true elixir of Irishness from the People’s Republic. You don’t have to be from Cork to enjoy it. All over the country Barry’s is the family favourite. 

This is the quintessential Irish Tea. More legendary than Fionn mac Cumhail, Cú Chulainn, Queen Maeve, Leprechauns and the Dublin 5 in a row team. 

Yes, we know that Barry’s is great. But the debate rages as to which blend of Barry’s rules the roost. We have included Original and Gold Blend in the Teabagged Hamper.

Bewleys Tea

We heavy hearts the nation wept when it was announced that Bewleys Café was shutting its doors on Grafton Street. Another piece of Dublin was lost. We all remember trips to the big smoke going into Bewleys with the Mother for tea and cakes. 

Sadly, generations of Irish will now never experience this. However, we have the next best thing. Bewley’s tea. When you have the posh guests around and you use the room that nobody ever goes into Bewleys is your go-to tea. 

Your finest china set deserves Bewleys. Quality tea that deserves the full tea set. Whether it’s afternoon tea with the girls or the lads round for the early throw-in. Bewleys make it extra special. 


For years people in Norn Iron have been laughing at the Barry’s versus Lyons debate taking place south of the border.  For they know a secret. The best tea blended on the Island of Ireland is from Belfast. That tea is Punjana. 

Yes, controversial I know. We are split evenly here at Irishify as to which tea is better but I am writing this article so there. The ultimate breakfast beverage to accompany the world-renowned Ulster fry. 

How to Get Irish Tea If You Are Not In Ireland

Transport yourself back to your granny’s front room with the Teabagged Hamper. It’s probably the only time you will get excited to hear teabagged and granny in the same sentence. 

Loaded with the best Irish Tea you get the full shebang. Two blends of Barry’s, Two blends of Lyons, Two blends of Bewleys, one Punjana and yellow Club Milks and a packet of Fig Rolls for good measure. 

As you can see, we don’t skimp. There is months and months of tea drinking in our Teabagged Hamper.

All Teabagged Hampers contains a handwritten note and a card. So it is ideal for a gift to a loved one abroad or for a special occasion. What’s more, you can become the authority on the best Irish tea. 

Send the Teabagged Hamper to a loved one.