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Partner series #5 - Irishify and Ballymaloe Foods

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About Ballymaloe Foods

Their story began in the early 1930’s when Mr. Ivan Allen was growing tomatoes in his glasshouses in Co. Cork. His wife Myrtle created a delicious tomato relish with the glut of tomatoes, and soon this recipe became a family favourite and a staple on their family table. Mrs. Allen taught herself how to cook and opened a restaurant in her dining room in Ballymaloe House in 1964. She then went on to become the first female chef in Ireland to be awarded a Michelin Star. Their daughter Yasmin put a portacabin in her back garden and from there, the magic of ‘Ballymaloe Relish’ was made.

Although Ballymaloe Foods now sells sauces and relishes to many countries worldwide, at it’s heart it is still a small family business. The core of the business is still Ballymaloe Relish and its taste and quality has never changed in almost 100 years since Myrtle Allen first cooked it in her kitchen.

Irishify and Ballymaloe Foods

The next time you’re biting into a thick slice of Irish soda bread slathered in Ballymaloe Relish just remember that you’re tasting 100 years of untouched Irish history. From humble beginnings in Co. Cork to a world renown Irish business, we can see why the relish recipe hasn’t been touched in over a century. In fact one of the very first products co-founder Paddy Casey decided to feature in our irishify hampers was Ballymaloe Relish!

Irishify have shipped thousands of Ballymaloe Relish across the world and we're just getting started! As we ship worldwide, there's no limit to how far we can bring this incredible taste of Ireland. From Europe to Australia and everywhere inbetween, we can have your hamper express delivery in only a couple of days.

Irishify relishing the world

So far, we have shipped hampers with Ballymaloe Relish to customers all across; UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Cayman Islands, Italy, New York City, Boston, North Carolina, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. Each and every month we welcome new customers to irishify from every corner of the world, and we can't wait to continue to provide this Irish cupboard staple to the globe. If you're Irish living abroad and you're missing the unmistakable taste of Ballymaloe Relish, browse our range of hampers here or follow us on Instagram to see where in the world we end up next!

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