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The Greatest Father Ted Characters

  • 2 min read

It's hard to believe but it's over 22 years since the final episode of Father Ted graced our screens. While Jack, Dougal, Mrs Doyle and the titular character were ever-presents it was often one-off appearances that stole the show.

Here are some of our favourite characters to visit Craggy Island. Who is yours?

Father Damo

Blur or Oasis? Whatever your Britpop leanings, it's arguable that Father Damien Lennon is more memorable than "Roll With It" or "Country House" - the songs that sparked a chart battle between the two bands.

It was great to finally see Dougal gain a friend, even if he did lead him astray.

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Father Stone

"I'm fine."  If silence is golden, Father Paul Stone must be loaded. The world's most boring priest could certainly light up a room - but only when he leaves. If you could get him to leave, that is. The hapless cleric ends up in hospital after a lightning strike and Ted and Dougal seem doomed to further annual visits from the monosyllabic priest.

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Pat Mustard

He was so gorgeous they wanted to put him under arrest. He wanted to put his massive tool in Mrs Doyle's box. Of course, you'd need proof if you were going to make that sort of accusation. The lothario milkman stole Mrs Doyle's - and several other women on Craggy Island - heart and may just have had something to do with the preponderance of hairy babies in the area.

Eoin McLove

He had no willy. He liked cake. He liked jumpers. But, most of all, he liked cake jumpers.  Singer and presenter (and a parody of Daniel O'Donnell) Eoin McLove didn't want to catch the menopause but is adored by legions of middle-aged female fans, including Mrs Doyle. Don't mess with him though as he "could have you killed".

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Father Fintan Stack

He had his fun and that's all that matters. And fun for Father Fintan Stack usually involved some loud jungle music, smoking copious amounts of cigarettes and being obnoxious to everyone in the vicinity.  Ted wasn't a fan, labelling him as "worse than Hitler." But he you wouldn't say it to his face or he'd put your head through a wall.