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The Rudest Place Names in Ireland!

  • 1 min read

As we were compiling our "What counties are these Irish towns in?" quiz yesterday, we came across (behave) some incredible rude place names we'd never heard of before.

Sure, most people are aware of County Meath's Nobber (which incredibly includes an estate called Muff Drive) and County Donegal's Muff with its Muff Diving Club. However, there are loads more that have gone somewhat under the radar... Here's a few tips on some places to visit if you fancy an "hilarious" Insta pic standing goofily in front of a ludicrous signpost. 

Firstly, please don't Google "Cum Mayo" as we've just done. Just take our word for it that it's a townland near Lahardaun. 

Meanwhile, it comes as no surprise that Coleraine's Ringrash Road is just a stones throw from several Indian restaurants. 

Unfortunately, there's no photogenic signs to pose in front of in Bastardstown, County Wexford but we're sure you can think of a few people who should reside there. 

Whoever was naming certain Irish placenames centuries ago certainly had a phallic obsession. Ireland is littered with places joyously called Cock Hill, Willyrogue Island, Hackballscross and Dicksboro.

Offaly could have went with Epididymal Hypertension when naming a village southwest of Tullamore but went with the slang instead for the testicular sensation and called it Blueball. Basically, it involves a male getting sexually aroused without any sign of, well that leads us to our final place name - Spunkane in Kerry.