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Grá Bailé Ogham Gift Frame

These framed Ogham are handmade using imprinted Ogham script on ceramic pieces to resemble ancient standing stones. These are translated from English into Irish and then transliterated from Irish into Ogham. They are framed in glass fronted box-frames. Each Ogham is made to order so there will be very slight differences with each piece, making them each unique.

The History of Ogham 

Ogham (oh-am) is an ancient alphabet created specifically to represent the Gaelic (Irish) language. It is the earliest form of writing to be found in Ireland and surviving archaeological evidence dates back to the fifth century, although many believe that the alphabet itself was created much earlier. Ogham is written vertically from bottom to top, each letter is represented by perpendicular or angled strokes along a central vertical line. It is found on standing stones, wood carvings and jewellery, most archaeological finds are in Ireland although there have been examples discovered in western Britain.