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Irish Mammy Cure Print

If you grew up in pre-internet Ireland you will be well aware of our unique ability to treat any ailment with Sudocrem and 7up. Sudocrem is an Irish antiseptic healing cream that was originally called Soothing Cream. However the Dubs mangled the pronunciation calling in ‘Sood-ing Crem’, so the company went with the flow and rebranded to Sudocrem (true story).

7up on the other hand was stirred for an eternity to remove all the fun and served in a glass with a complimentary spoon. It was mainly used to replenish glucose, settle an upset tummy and reinforce Catholic guilt by making sure the experience was not the most enjoyable one possible.

Depending on your Mother you would also be prescribed prayers to St Anthony or if your parents were sound it would be a veritable feast of cartoons on VHS.

Print Size: A3

Frame not included and is used for illustrative purposes only.