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Waterford Whispers News

'Sounds like something out of Waterford Whispers!'

Waterford Whispers News is best known for giving you the only news you can rely on, day in, day out.

Started by Colm Williamson in his bedroom 10 years ago, WWN has gone on to appear on radio, TV, playing sold out gigs around the country and writing a series of best selling books. Now WWN takes on its most important news assignment: being available for personalised video shoutouts for all occasions delivered in the form of breaking news bulletins!

Highlights of WWN's satirising of the good, the bad and the ugly includes legal trouble with a list too long to write, making it into Donald Trump's 2016 campaign emails, a confrontation with North Korea, being most searched website in Leinster House and sparking the occasional rosary-bead clutching protest outside RTE.

To help Waterford Whispers News create a unique and hilarious news headline, fill in as much detail as you can below:

  • Upload an image of the recipient (you can upload up to 3 photos to be featured)
  • What is their job?
  • Where are they from & where do they live now?
  • Are they single, married or dating. Do they have kids?
  • What their annoying habits?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What story will make them laugh or cringe?!

This will ensure your WWN news story is as personalised as possible.

*Can take up to 7 days to respondbut usually much quicker

Examples from Waterford Whispers News